Educational and multimedia applications:

SimuRide Home Edition Driving Simulator $75.00 $49 - for new drivers to study stress-free for their driver's test at home, the simulator allows for unlimited driving practice in a safe, virtual vehicle.
SimuRide Professional Driving Simulator $200 (Trial Version), $2200 (Software Only), $2700 (Small Package), $7900 (Full Setup) - simulates driving manual or automatic transmission cars/bus/semi-trucks in a safe manner. Increases confidence behind the wheel of both passenger and commercial vehicles.
Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test $25 - interactive software teaching road safety and preparing drivers for official driver’s license written exam.
Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual $75.00 $49 - educational tool designed for drivers to prepare them for many kinds of Commercial Driver's Licenses.
BDE Curriculum $100 - Beginner Driver Education Curriculum.
Plug-and-Play Steering Wheel Sets $700 - Steering Wheel for SimuRide PE.
Professional Simulator Seat $1699 - frame with the seat to hold up to 3 monitors, computer, steering wheel, pedals and gear shifter.
Simu-Shift-Knob $120 - Simu-Shift-Knob by Aplusb to Replace a Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 or Thrustmaster TH8A, TH8RS Gear Shifter Knob to Offer Any Number of Gears From 5 up to 18.