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SimuRide Forklift Simulator - Small Setup
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SimuRide Forklift Simulator - Small Setup

Price per Unit (piece): $2 800.00

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The main objective of our simulator is to allow training in the operation of forklifts, avoiding risks and allowing a more complete training. Thanks to this type of training, forklift operators will have better skills before joining a company, thus decreasing number of accidents.

The Forklift Simulator recreates different phases with didactic content to learn and master the skills needed for driving and handling loads with a forklift.

In order for the operators to work with the machinery -in an identical way to the one they use in their workplace- a totally realistic behavior of the machinery has been created, in which the following characteristics stand out:

-Different types of Forklift: Regular with 2 forks and Drum Forklift with special grippers to transport barrels.

-Different maneuvering scenarios (Warehouse, Truck loading, Drums Scenario)

-Variety of loads to practice different skills in forklift operation.


In addition, Our Forklift Simulator has the following advantages:


Secure Environment

-Training in a realistic virtual environment, without representing any risk for the worker.

-Performing risk practices or using hazardous materials without risk of harming people or work tools.

-Better perception of mistakes made thanks to decision making and evaluation (Assuming it has a performance report)

-Availability to perform exercises without using real material.


Cost Reduction

-Autonomous learning system, does not require special personnel to be implanted.

-Reduce the number of accidents thanks to the training and continuous evaluation of the operators.

-Driving training in a very small space.

When you purchase Forklift Simulator Small Setup, you will receive:

  • SimuRide FS software & USB dongle key/license
  • 6 -joystick control box
  • Simulator rig with adjustable seat and holders for hardware equipment.
  • USB Steering Wheel with three pedals

All rigs we ship are black by default; however, by special request, the rig can be painted for any other color for additional $200.

Customers outside of the US or Canada should go to to make a purchase.

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