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Put the Breaks on Vehicle Fires

October 11, 2017

As a driver you have to be concerned with many things for the safety of you, your passengers and other people on the roads; are you driving too fast, are you watching for pedestrians, are the roads in good condition, but do you ever consider the possibility of fire? Between the wires and the flammable materials – the top most of which being the gas in your tank – and a fire could break out in your vehicle at a moments notice under the right circumstances.

This is one of the many reasons regular car maintenance is key; any fluid leak, frayed wire or a multitude of other mechanical issues could lead to a fire in your car. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there was an average of 287,000 vehicle fires per year, between 2003 and 2007; resulting in over 400 civilian deaths. Commercial vehicles are required to carry some type of fire extinguisher, but the average non-commercial driver can benefit from carrying a fire extinguisher too. That is why we at Aplusb Software now offer a compact fire extinguisher our customers can purchase, that can be kept in their vehicle in case of emergency.

The safety of all drivers and passengers is paramount, which is why we stress that this is only for minor fires that are contained and can be readily put out by a single, small extinguisher. In the event of an engine fire or something more substantial, do your best to get out of traffic and get everyone a safe distance away from the vehicle, as the fire can spread quickly; then call and wait for emergency personnel to address the emergency.


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