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SimuRide’s Rollover Simulation Can Save Lives

August 12, 2016

With SimuRide Professional’s Tractor Tank Rollover simulation; drivers are put behind the wheel of a particular commercial vehicle for a special type of simulation.  In the event that the trailer wheels start losing contact with road due to speeding, or other circumstances, like taking a corner too sharp – actions that can result in a rollover – the simulator displays a message indicating this potential risk, so that the driver can enact corrective maneuvers and avoid the rollover.

Imagine you’re driving down the highway in a tanker trucks, hauling a load of hazardous materials, when something happens.  It doesn’t matter in that moment exactly what happened or why, because your main concern now is that the tanker is on the verge of a rollover; so what do you do?  Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, except to hope to come out the other side safe, and that the damage will be minimal, and that your cargo doesn’t spill, which could years to clean-up, with untold consequences afterwards.  However, under the right circumstances there are early warnings prior to a rollover, that can allow a skilled driver to alter the potentially disastrous course they’re on.

On average, 85% of rollover accidents result from some type of mistake made by the driver,  but these mistakes don’t need to be compounded by failure to try and correct them, when there’s still time.

If a rollover is initiated, it’s still not too late to correct the problem; and so SimuRide will display a second message during the earliest stage of a rollover, again, to allow the driver to remedy their mistake.

Sometimes though, accidents happen; and in spite of all efforts to stop it, a rollover still occurs.  In that event, SimuRide will display a third message indicating that a rollover has occurred – but there’s good news in even this scenario; the driver is safe and no hazardous materials have been spilled.  The simulator messages and reports are saved and can be reviewed; and the driver can restart the simulation and practice again, and hone their skills, in the hope of preventing any unnecessary accidents when they’re on the road for real.

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