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SimuRide - About Us

Welcome to the Simuride; the online store for all your driving needs – whether you’re an instructor, student or every day driver. This site offers the latest and greatest in products designed to help get you behind the wheel. We specialize in driver education products dedicated for, educational institutions, the various kinds of driving schools and individual use at home.

SimuRide founded in 2008 is an e-learning software development company that specializes in driver's education. We are best known for the SimuRide series of driving simulation programs which are designed and packaged differently than done by other simulation development companies.


How SimuRide Simulation is Different

SimuRide is a "free-roam" simulation; it is not limited to a strict lesson structure. The SimuRide software is sold separately from the computer hardware and frame (optional) and is available in different versions (Professional for one or three monitors, Trial Edition, Commercial, and Home Edition). The SimuRide is designed to function on your computer and with your monitors/TVs, making the purchase of a computer through us unnecessary.

The Benefits of Using SimuRide Simulation

Boost time spent practicing without needing a driving permit, constant supervision, insurance, or fuel. Become familiar with difficult maneuvers before attempting them on the street: parallel parking, merging, passing other vehicles, manual transmission and double clutching (PRO). Overcome driving anxiety and condition good driving habits to draw focus away from driver's hands and feet and onto events occurring outside the vehicle. Instruct multiple students in driving at any given time with multiple simulators in a classroom.

Complementary software and teaching tools include Road Rules and CDL Manual software to prepare for written examinations under several different vehicle classes and endorsements. Alcohol goggles make for an excellent demonstration in drunk driving, and can accompany the SimuRide and lessons on distracted driving by using a cell phone. Visit our products section and Online Store to view a full list of items available for your driver's education.

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